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El Local Collective: The Creator’s Perspective

In May 2020, El Local Collective was merely a dream that its creator knew had to become reality. The dreamer who dared to make her dreams come true is the incredible Samantha Chamberlain, some may know her better as Sam. Sam decided she’d make this dream of an artist and rising entrepreneur collective known once summer shined through. It all began with a dream and soon enough their first piece of art was sold! In August 2020, El Local Collective started featuring more locals along with their creative works. 

When we sat down to talk with Sam about El Local Collective, it truly felt like being reacquainted with an old friend. This is undoubtedly because Sam’s heart is for the people of our local community and her energy is so warm and welcoming. Despite not being a Corpus Christi native, Sam has definitely made Corpus her home as she settled into the Coastal Bend area only to begin branching out through El Local Collective. Sam engendered a sort of creative renaissance in Corpus Christi as she networked with countless individuals to share their art and stories. To better help showcase their work, El Local Collective also coordinates and hosts pop-up markets for underground artists and eager entrepreneurs to conduct business in. 

What we learned about Sam as the creator of El Local Collective is that “Whether you’re a starving artist, thriving business owner, or even an average Joe…you have a lot to offer this world.” This irrevocable belief is what drives Sam to continue her work as she understands we all have a unique gift or profound story to share with the world. Through El Local Collective, there are multiple ways you can get connected and potentially featured or somehow involved! 

In addition to El Local Collective, there is also The People’s Market, People of Corpus, and The Local Influencers podcast, that you can find out more about through their website: 

With so many ways to get connected and possibly involved, it’s apparent El Local Collective is doing what they can to stay connected with the Coastal Bend community. As Sam told us, it’s as simple as filling out the submission form through their website or even getting in touch through their Instagram @ellocalcollective 

Regardless of what you bring to the table, El Local Collective understands how important it is to believe in yourself as that’s how you grow into more evolved versions of yourself. It only makes sense that by learning about other people’s dreams—we’re more inspired to follow our own. 

What Sam of El Local Collective truly believes is that “Anyone can make a difference, just by being themselves.” 


Crystal Garcia is a native of Corpus Christi, Tx, and one half of the founding duo of the Revolve One Podcast. With a vibrance and personality larger than life, she’s hard to miss, and yet you never know what you’re going to get. While Crystal exudes a mellow demeanor, she’s just as apt to recommend a good book as she is to verbally kick you in the face with her quick wit.

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