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Quentin Arispe: The Queer Funk Queen

Anyone who has ever interacted with Quentin Arispe, even if only in a brief exchange, can instantly recognize they are a rising star who is a natural performer! Perhaps it is Quentin’s smooth voice and innate confidence that gives it away? From Quentin’s early start in musical theater to now being a Texas-based genre-fluid artist, it’s apparent they desire to share their distinctive sound with the world.

Upon meeting Corpus producer Kinderr in 2016, Quentin changed the tune from musical theater performer to making their own music and this is how Quentin’s first-ever EP, “Vienna”, was born. That initial EP acted as a creative catalyst as Quentin went on to write for other artists and continued to gain more studio experience. Having become enthralled by the music scene, Quentin co-produced their first full album, “June”, with producer Sully in 2018. Not long after, Quentin collaborated with Corpus Christi DJ, producer, and nu-cumbia pioneer, El Dusty, to create “FRUIT” which marked Quentin’s first major produced EP. “FRUIT” blends R&B with Hip Hop and Pop influences and it was this unique, feel-good vibe that showcased Quentin’s astonishing multifaceted style.

The notes that Quentin sings can take you somewhere else yet it’ll still feel as if it’s a place of comfort; it is in some way familiar as the sound beckons its listeners to stay. There is a story being told in the lyrics— such profound emotion conveyed through each verse you hear. You start to wonder if these songs are actually melodic incantations as you feel your body swaying along with the captivating rhythm. Songs written more like poetry that are profoundly moving and always manage to pull you in like they have their own gravity. On the other hand, there’s those songs that just make you want to break away from all your worries and dance all night long! Quentin Arispe’s music is unlike anything you have heard before as Quentin is one of those rare artists that prefers to put out albums completely different from what was last released. It is this ability to be so versatile in their work that truly sets Quentin apart from most artists.

Oftentimes even the best artists have a particular sound that they’re going for and usually stick with. However, what Quentin does so well is ensuring their sound comes out fresh as there’s nothing wrong with switching it up! Fans and listeners alike aren’t usually sure what to expect genre wise yet they can always count on undisputed musical quality. Whether you find yourself somewhere In Between a difficult place in life or merely taste in music, Quentin’s incredible artistry resonates in every note, every song, and every album.

For more Quentin Arispe, be sure to check out the latest episode of Revolve One podcast where we discuss Quentin’s origins in music and their upcoming latest album: The Spiritual Waiting Room. Revolve One is available wherever you get your podcasts.

The Spiritual Waiting Room, Quentin’s latest album, is set to release Friday 2/12/2021 so be sure to look for it wherever you buy or stream your music.

Crystal Garcia is a native of Corpus Christi, Tx, and one half of the founding duo of the Revolve One Podcast. With a vibrance and personality larger than life, she’s hard to miss, and yet you never know what you’re going to get. While Crystal exudes a mellow demeanor, she’s just as apt to recommend a good book as she is to verbally kick you in the face with her quick wit.

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