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Revolve One: Eric Holguin

Eric Holguin

Heart for civil service

Revolve One cohosts, Rudy Garcia and Crystal Garcia, sat down with local politician, Eric Holguin, to talk campaigning, his hopes for our country and county, and how to create change through political engagement in the bay area. Eric has experienced and accomplished much worth mentioning in his political career. However, his most recent feat was running against Todd Hunter in the 2020 election for Texas House of Representatives District 32. Eric boasted nearly thirty thousand votes in the general election. This makes sense if you know Eric’s family, who represent academia, law enforcement, the medical field, and judicial law. You could say civil service runs in the Holguin blood. This also explains Eric’s heart behind politics. He simply wants to improve people’s lives, and he believes progressive policies are the best way to make that happen. The battle for a purple county isn’t easily won though, especially not as a young candidate. In fact, this proved to be one of Eric’s biggest challenges in his 2020 campaign. Although his accomplishments speak for themselves, Eric still found it difficult to garner the viable support to help run a successful campaign.

Still, he is hopeful about the future of our country and county. A hope that can be hard to muster in our deeply divided culture.

Hope for our country

The polarization of our country has deeply bothered both Rudy and Crystal, leaving them with questions about how to move forward. Eric shared some simple suggestions we can all practice, the biggest suggestion being that we unearth the art of listening. Intentionally listening to those across party lines has become an extremely difficult feat. But it’s not impossible. In fact, Eric had the opportunity to experience and practice this during the last two election cycles. Through conversations with Trump supporters, Eric realized their desires are, at the root, the same as Bernie, Biden, and Clinton supporters. The scarlet thread that runs across party lines is the desire to improve one’s quality of life. And maybe if we learned to listen to one another, we could make more progress as human beings and as a country. (Granted, in the midst of this it’s still important to shut down misinformation and conspiracy theories that set us back as a society.) Eric is also optimistic about the road ahead for the Biden Administration. It is a bumpy road though, so he believes Biden is going to have to prove early that he is an action-seeking president who gets things done.

With that said, Eric’s hopes aren’t simply for the country at large, but for the county he calls home.

Hope for our county

Eric’s hope is to see Corpus Christi climb to the next level of influence and opportunity. But this doesn’t happen without time and resources. Time and resources that could be invested in better infrastructure, upgrading pipelines and electrical grids, getting broadband internet access to rural areas, and more. These are the upgrades that will attract economic opportunities outside of just the oil and gas industry. Opportunities that other Texas cities like San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas are getting. Still, there is one even more important thing needed to create change: you. And you have a lot of ways to get involved, according to Eric. You can get on a city or county board geared towards specific issues close to your heart. You can get involved with a local political party. You may even want to run for office. Because, the bottom line is, local politics affect people’s lives and, “if you don’t have a seat at the table, you will be on the menu.”

Whatever you choose to do, Eric’s heart is to see you, “speak up for the disenfranchised and leverage your influence to create change.” If we do this, we win.

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