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The Land of YIKES

In the harrowing year that was 2020, a local web series emerged out of all of the collective uncertainty. YIKES, a YouTube web series, created by Cris Olvera, Ricky Martinez, and Ryan Monroy, has gained a lot of traction here in South Texas ever since it’s debut episode was released in late October 2020. 

More specifically, our hometown of Corpus Christi is officially the Land of YIKES and perhaps this is  why we are smiling a little wider lately as current residents! 

This incredibly relevant web series explores the fictional shortcomings and adventures of roommates, Ryan and Ricky, after Ryan starts his own Vlog. Now, of course you shouldn’t only have a roommate to help you somehow obtain a coffee table…sometimes it takes another friend to lend a helping hand. 

In episode 2 of YIKES, we see how Ricky and Ryan’s characters react to the silly dynamic that Cris exudes as he does everything he can to come to their aid. 

From the very beginning of the series, there’s also been supporting characters that have truly shined and this is something YIKES does so well. 

In fact, the production of YIKES is entirely shot in Corpus Christi using actors, actresses, musicians, and locations within the community. 

The collaborative genius of Cris, Ricky, and Ryan, with Cris also being the Writer and Director makes this web series one of a kind. 

If it’s something that Cris knows how to do when writing and filming, it is: “Be personal.” 

Undoubtedly, this is the main reason why YIKES is so relatable, hilarious, and even heart-wrenching all in a single episode! 

The contrast of heavy feelings and prevalent comic relief is present in episode 3 of YIKES. 

It quickly dives into how we can experience depression due to triggers. 

Meanwhile, Cris commits to a strange mission. 

This episode reminds us it is okay to not be okay despite trying so hard to just keep going through the motions. Sometimes we just need to talk with a friend, have a good laugh, and maybe even bust out the old Yu-gi-oh cards for a fun game! 

As for episode 4, it definitely lives up to its hype as Ricky works hard to overcome past trauma with the help of Ryan and Cris. 

Whether it’s laundry day or not, there’s always time to work through a lingering hurt and dance a little while you’re at it.

Indeed, YIKES conveys a sense of hopefulness that we all desperately need in the trying era that the pandemic has immersed us in. 

After watching episodes 1-4 of YIKES,

it is easier to believe everything will be all right “…and maybe life doesn’t suck, and maybe some things do matter…and maybe if we just try to do the right thing, or attempt to…things can be better.” 

If you or your friends are in need of quality entrainment, YIKES is on YouTube! 

Simply subscribe to Basic Cable Productions and you’ll be introduced to the Land of YIKES with a pleasant “Hello”. 

To connect with the minds behind YIKES, 

you can follow their social media pages: 


@thelandofyikes (instagram)


@Crisinternets (Twitter)

@Rickinatorrr (Twitter & instagram) 

@RyanMonroy (Twitter) & bestboytv (instagram)

Crystal Garcia is a native of Corpus Christi, Tx, and one half of the founding duo of the Revolve One Podcast. With a vibrance and personality larger than life, she’s hard to miss, and yet you never know what you’re going to get. While Crystal exudes a mellow demeanor, she’s just as apt to recommend a good book as she is to verbally kick you in the face with her quick wit.

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