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The Nueces County Voter | Brittni Young

Revolve One host Rudy Garcia recently sat down with Brittni Young, a local activist best known for her Instagram platform, The Nueces County Voter. Brittni created The Nueces County Voter to help voters stay informed so that they can make informed decisions at the voting polls. A fascinating fact about the formation of this platform is that it was ultimately the result of Brittni simply working with the hand she was dealt. Brittni had been living in Shanghai and was working with Democrats Abroad before she came back to Corpus Christi for the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday. At the time, she didn’t realize this would turn into a one-way trip due to the snowball effect of Covid-19. Like many of us, Brittni waited for things to “return to normal” so she could fly back to Shanghai and pick up where she left off but when it became clear this virus was sticking around, she started to view her circumstances, not as a setback from her work abroad, but a setup for her next opportunity stateside. With this new vision, she quickly saw the need for accurate and accessible voter information for the people of Nueces County. So, in an effort to fill the need, Brittni went where the people were—Instagram. She knew that if she could make The Nueces County Voter an accurate, easy-to-understand, and engaging platform, she could grab people’s attention and make an impact. She started by consistently posting valuable bite-sized pieces of information pertaining to the 2020 election. This helped empower people all over Corpus Christi and kept them from entering the voting booth blindly. Since then, Brittni has continued to innovate and adapt her strategy to both educate people on present issues, and prepare them for future elections. Some of her more recent posts include information about the Texas mask mandate, the creation of clean energy jobs, future election details, and so much more. From the beginning, Brittni was content if even one person benefited from her hard work. Now hundreds have engaged and Nueces County is better because of it. If you want to hear more about Brittni’s efforts, then make sure to tune in to the full interview on Revolve One.

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