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Rudy Garcia

Rudy Garcia is a native of Corpus Christi, Tx, and one half of the founding duo of the Revolve One Podcast. Rudy decided to co-create the podcast to engender a platform where diverse voices and generally uncommon subjects could easily come together.  As a graduate with a B.A. & Sc. in Speech Communications (TAMUK), he cultivates clarity through being such an avid communicator. Rudy additionally is a TED speaker, he shared his journey with mindfulness at the TEDxColePark 2020 virtual conference.

While he may present a more soft-spoken demeanor compared to his sister Crystal, his words are no less eloquent and profound. As a self-described political nerd, news junkie, and student of leadership, he seeks to build bridges that bring communities of diverse thought and creed in connection with each other through every podcast episode. Rudy is also honored to sit on the board of The Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation.

Rudy is an enthusiast of fostering community and currently resides in Corpus Christi with his wife and 5-year-old daughter. When he isn’t recording, he enjoys working out or reading on topics such as meditation, leadership, and empathy.

In His Own Words:

On His Decision to Pursue a Speech Communications Degree

To be honest, this was the most general degree offered at my university and I always thought something else would grab my attention. However, after minoring in Political Science at the same time I felt like the educational choices that I made were wise ones. I was exposed to incredible historic communicators like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President John F. Kennedy and more and because of that exposure, I felt like I had the tools needed to take on the world. 

Supporting The Trevor Project & The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Both of these organizations are promoting life and supporting my community. As an LGTBQ+ youth myself I often considered taking my own life as the only way to stop the inward and outward persecution & struggle to believe in my worth as a human being. I was one of the lucky ones that had friends and people that poured their lives into me and showed me that I mattered and had value regardless of my thoughts, actions, sexual preference, or anything external. I am human and I have value just for being. 

The Trevor Project

AFSP (The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

Rudy’s Favorite Revolve One Episode

My favorite episode is from our first season titled R1 on One | Social Anxiety

This is my favorite episode because it sums up one of the very reasons why we created Revolve One. To be able to confront difficult issues that we face personally and/or are facing as a society while having unwavering faith and empathy with every word.  Additionally, Crystal really exercises her gift of excavating applicable information while doing so compassionately. Also, mental health awareness has been such a key topic of conversation in our family for years because we have lost many loved ones due to suicide. With this episode, we provide an alternative life centered solution – one that we wish our lost family members would have heard.

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