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Post Poetry Night: Pride 2019 Recap & Reflection

Revolve One reviews the night that was Poetry Night: Pride 2019. Crystal has her voice back (mostly) along with Rudy to recap everything from the Pride Parade to the last poem read at Poetry Night. Also, listen for the first time to some audio captured that evening from two stand out poets, Robin Cartensen & Nicole Bren. Plus, there are just a couple of episodes left in Revolve Ones second season so be sure you hit the subscribe button and stay tuned. 

Next Upload: McAllen Poet Laureate Edward Vidaurre is our next guest, episode dropping soon.  

Buy LGBTQIA+ Author’s Savannah Slone latest book “Hearing The Underwater” link here: 

Link to the poem Rudy read at PN: Pride: A Poem For Pulse by Jameson Fitzpatrick below:

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