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The Revolve One podcast tackles the difficult issues head-on while simultaneously expressing unwavering faith and empathy with every word. Branching out into multiple series, Rudy and Crystal address subject matter including politics, mental and physical health, the arts, and current events. Revolve One frequently features interviews with local community members and continually seeks to foster a sense of community within the Coastal Bend.

See America in 2020


Rudy and Crystal discuss politics from their point of view with people in the community as well as local political leaders. As a self-described political nerd, Rudy demonstrates his political knowledge as Revolve One discusses and analyzes the current political climate and this year’s election cycle.

Revolve One-On-One


While Revolve One was originally created as an avenue for the hosts to communicate and expand their views on diverse topics, the podcast also seeks to amplify the voice of prominent community figures with notable stories and insights. From creatives to first responders, Revolve-One-on-One delves into the thoughts and experiences of Corpus Christi locals with a unique story to share.

In this podcast series, the Revolve One team get into the nitty-gritty about various topics that deserve a good reckoning. Crystal and Rudy delve into the deep struggles and hard truths that many experience daily yet may hesitate to discuss; segments range the spectrum from drug addiction to daily parenting struggles.

Revolve Her

Revolve Her showcases women leaders making positive impacts at home, in the office, and for their community. Featuring a women-only cast with Crystal as host, Revolve Her sheds light on feminine perspectives throughout numerous themes.

Rudy and Crystal take a moment to express their gratitude and emphasize the positive. Whether it’s in their personal lives, the podcast, or the world in general, this heartfelt and thoughtful series gives recognition to the people and moments in life that inspire joy and personal growth.